Diversity Talent Agency offers a wide range of artists in the entertainment industry Diversity Talent Agency has been working with colleges across the country offering high quality entertainment
Diversity Talent Agency seeks to provide quality speakers and programs at an affordable price to educate, entertain and enlighten. It is our mission to bridge the cultural divide and shed light on issues that will build a bridge to a better tomorrow. By catering our programming to your need, we are able to offer services that tackle diversity issues head on.
2014 NACA Northern Plains
Josh Vietti
Kyshona Armstrong
2014 NACA Mid Atlantic Festival
Kyshona Armstrong
Knight Krawler
2014 NACA National
Spank Horton
Fiyah Fly - alternate
2013 NACA Central
DJ Roonie G
Knight Krawler
2013 NACA North East
DJ Ravi Drums
Alyssa Bernal
2012 NACA Mid American
Josh Vietti
Coffey Anderson
Knight Krawler
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